Case Study: Multilingual Website

A leading Houston law firm wanted to serve their content in spanish to reach users who may not speak english as their primary language. The team at Busi Sites worked closely with the staff at the law firm to start translating the content into spanish. Once the content was translated, a solution to manage multiple languages in the websites’ database had to be vetted, tested, and implemented in production. So here is how we did it:

  • met with a short-list software vendors that specialize in multilingual WordPress plugins
  • picked the software that met the client’s needs
  • stood up a testing environment to test the software an our idea
  • documented out process and procedure to replicate in production
  • stood up the solution in production and began implementing out process and procedure

It may sound easy to convert a website to spanish, but in reality, there are so many moving parts to the website that need translating. The teamwork and communication between the law firm and Busi Sites is what made it happen!

Multilingual Website example in English

Spanish Translated Page Closeup

Multilingual UI and UX Will Increase Your Revenue

This website is seeing an increase of about ~200 spanish speaking visitors a month with a month-over-month increase in spanish speaking of about 200% for the last 3 months.

Users are presented with a button to switch the language between different languages. If the user is on an English page, the button will display the other languages available to them. All the user has to do is click the button, and they are served the translated page!

The user experience (UX) helps build trust between you and your website visitors. By helping people with quality content in a language they can understand will increase conversions, sales, and help your business reach new customers.

What Else Needed Translations?

Not only do individual pages and blog posts need translation, but this booking form did too. Although it was a challenge to translate every last detail of this website, it was well worth the effort. This site is not ranking for terms in both english and spanish.

Now this website is providing information in multiple languages, and the users can experience the site in a language they understand!

Shoreline Immigration Booking Form Spanish