A Digital Marketing Case Study

A New Website, SEO, and Automation

The Shoreline Immigration Law firm hired us to implement a complete digital marketing package for the firm. We built and hosted a brand new website, ran SEO sprint campaigns, and implemented automated paid apportionment bookings. Here are the details:

  • Ran 10 SEO sprint campaigns, each lasting 2 months
  • Published 20 blog articles for each SEO sprint
  • Published a total of 100 blog articles

In the case study below, we analyzed data for 10 months, which was the second half of the SEO campaign.

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See The Data
  • SEO

    Executed 5 SEO sprints that lasted 60 days each

  • Analytics

    Tracked page rankings, visitors, impressions, and bookings to validate our SEO plan

  • Reporting

    Bi-weekly reports generated for the client to show progess

Traffic Vs Booking Chart
  • 10

    Months Of

  • +620.7%

    Increase in Visitors

  • 268

    Booked Paid Appointments

The Raw Data : Month By Month

16 Month Impressions

How We Executed Our SEO Strategy

Content Is King

When you build a brand new website, you have to start publishing content inorder to grow traffic organically. In the image to the right, you can see that Google did not start showing the website content in the search engine from April 2022 to September 2022. This is typical for a brand new website. Google wants you to work on your site’s content so it can start to understand what your business is all about. By the end of the SEO campaign, the site was generating about 35,000 impressions per day!

DateVisitorsPage ViewsPaid Appointment Booked

The Results Of Our SEO Campaign

SEO Drives Traffic and Sales

It took six months for the team’s hard work to start paying off. Today, Shoreline Immigration is generating almost 50,000 visitors per month and the firm is booked with new paid consultations ever single week. We continue to post new blogs every week, and have even started translating the website into Spanish.

16 Month Traffic